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Official Zoro & Sanji Limited Edition Bandai Storage Box

Official Zoro & Sanji Limited Edition Bandai Storage Box

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Discover the ultimate exclusivity with the Zoro and Sanji Storage Box, a must-have piece for One Piece fans. This special edition fuses Zoro and Sanji's iconic design with exceptional storage functionality. Optimize the organization of your collection. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this exclusive box provides a safe and stylish space for your treasures. Show your passion for One Piece with the unique design featuring Zoro and Sanji. Made by Bandai, this limited edition guarantees exceptional quality.

To enhance your collection and take the opportunity, this storage box will guarantee the safety of your cards.

  • Official Bandai large format storage box made in Japan
  • Storage for your card sleeves
  • Storage for your Top-loader cards

Don't miss the opportunity to merge the practicality of storage with the power of the One Piece universe. Order yours now and add an epic touch to your space while preserving your precious collectibles. Order the Zoro and Sanji Storage Box now to add a touch of epic to your collecting space, celebrating the captivating universe of One Piece in a unique way.

Release date: 11/2023
Theme: Manga and animation
Size: 18 x 30 x 1cm
Manufacturer: Bandai
License: ONE PIECE
Reference: Official Zoro & Sanji Limited Edition Bandai Storage Box

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