Our history

At the origin of the BaronCollections® brand, is an entrepreneur driven by a passion that dates back to his youth, nourished by his admiration for the world of Japanese literature, centered on manga and its culture, with a particular affection for the work of Eiichirō Oda which was his second discovery, just after the work of Hiroshi Fujimoto: Doraemon.

Oda and his main characters

One Piece, Eiichirō Oda's iconic work, has left its mark on generations of fans around the world. Since its launch in 1997, the manga has enjoyed phenomenal success, totaling over 490 million copies sold to date. With its captivating storylines, memorable characters and in-depth exploration of themes such as friendship, courage and the pursuit of dreams, One Piece has captured the hearts of a wide audience. In addition to its literary impact, the anime series has also enjoyed resounding triumph, attracting millions of viewers around the world. The world of One Piece is not limited to the pages of the manga, it also extends to a variety of derivative products, helping to make this work a true cultural phenomenon.

Since July 2022, the card game has appeared, created on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the manga series. It was then derived in its English version, which we, French, have been able to discover since December 2022!

BaronCollections® was born from the merger of the One Piece universe and the creation of a collectible card game! An opportunity that we did not miss , having pre-ordered our first One Piece displays from the first OP01 series in March 2022. However, a dilemma quickly arose: should we open and collect, or resell to finance a collection which promised to be expensive at the time?

The decision was not long in coming, we had already chosen to supply France with One Piece card games to support enthusiasts and also self-finance our own collection! As you have understood, our destiny was not to become a reference in this market, but the journey we undertook allowed us to meet collaborators and clients driven by the same passion, leading us into this entrepreneurial adventure. .

It goes without saying that BaronCollections® is not limited to the One Piece card game universe. Every day, we expand our offer to diversify our product catalog, intended for both individuals and professionals!

We thank you for taking the time to read our story, it’s thanks to you that everything is possible! And don't forget: completing your collections with passion: that's the art of BaronCollections®!